How to Create a Cars Listing on

Follow these detailed instructions to quickly list a vehicle for sale using the web browser of your choice. It doesn’t take long, but if you click the back arrow during the process a prompt appears giving you the option of saving or discarding the listing. If you choose to save it, the listing appears as a draft in the My Listings portion of your account.

1. Open in your browser window.

2. Hover over the account icon on the right side of the header.
A checkmark appears on the icon if you are already logged in. If not, click the blue Sign In button and enter your email and password. 


3. Select Add a Listing from the menu, then select Cars.

4. Choose the Make Year. Once selected, the VIN field appears.

5. Enter the VIN.

6. Verify the auto-populated information (make, model, etc.) is correct. If not, make sure the VIN entered is correct. Make any necessary changes.

7. Complete all of the required General Information fields for the vehicle you are selling.


8. Enter as many of the optional Mechanical Specifications fields as possible. Some may already be filled in for you based on the VIN.


9. Select Appearance information from the dropdown menus.


10. Verify the Seller Location info is correct. If the fields aren’t auto-filled, you can click on the Use KSL account info >> link under the section heading or manually enter your address, zip code, city, and state.

11. Select the appropriate Seller Type.
Private sellers can list up to two vehicles for sale at a time. Additional fields are required if the vehicle is for sale by a dealer. Business packages with additional listings can be purchased by calling 801-333-7472.

12. Enter or verify the rest of the required Contact Info, checking the box if the primary phone number accepts texts.

13. Write a Description, using tips from the link on the right side of the page.

14. Upload Photos or drag and drop them from your file library.
Click and hold until dotted lines appear around the images, then drag to change the order.


15. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

16. Click the Continue button at the bottom.

17. Upgrade your listing if desired. If you check the Featured Listing and/or the CARFAX Vehicle Report boxes, enter your payment information at the prompt. Then click the Post my listing button.



18. Otherwise, click the No thanks, post my listing button.

Your listing is now active! It remains visible for 30 days. You can mark it as sold or delete it at any time before it expires. Please view the KSL Terms of Use for additional information.


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