How to List a Job on

Create a KSL Jobs listing using the web browser of your choice. It only takes a few minutes, but if you start and aren’t able to finish, click the back button. A pop-up appears allowing you to save your progress and edit the listing later. You can also discard the listing or select cancel to continue listing a job.

1. Open in your browser window.

2. Hover over the account icon on the right side of the header.
A checkmark appears on the icon if you are already logged in. If not, click the blue Sign In button and enter your email and password.


3. Select Add a Listing from the menu, then select Jobs.

4. If you’ve purchased a bundle of listings, select your business package from the dropdown menu.

5. Enter the General Information pertaining to the position.


6. Enter the required Contact Info, checking the boxes if you want the phone number and email displayed on the listing.


7. Choose the Application Method.
Enter your company’s URL at the prompt if applying through your site rather than KSL.

8. Enter the Description and Qualifications for the position.


9. If desired, upload or drag and drop your Company Logo to include it on the job detail page.

10. Select any optional upgrades by clicking on the corresponding blue button.
One free Boost on the third day is automatically included with your listing.

11. Enter a Promo Code if you have one and click on the Apply button.
The regular price is $65. Discounts are immediately reflected in your Shopping Cart.

12. Enter the required Billing Info.


13. Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box.

14. Click Submit and Post Listing.

Your listing is now active! It remains visible for 30 days.


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