Why Isn't My Listing Showing

This article will instruct users on the potential reasons why their listing is not showing on the website or app. 

To ensure that our users are always provided with the highest quality and experience while using KSL classifieds, we will continually monitor all listings that are posted. Below are the common reasons why your listing might not be showing:

  • All new listings will go through an automated review and uploading process prior to posting. If you just posted your listing it should appear soon, within(normally 10-15 minutes) the category and sub-category you selected. 
  • If a listing is posted in the wrong vertical. (Ex. posting a working vehicle inside of Classifieds instead of the Cars vertical) the listing will be removed.
  • A business placing listings as a private user instead of a business.
  • If you are doing a paid listing you may have missed your most recent payment if so contact us at support@ksl.com or reach out directly to your account executive. 
  • If an account was compromised by a different user, and that user is making modifications to your account, your listings will be removed and that user will be blocked from creating additional listings.
  • Any listings that break KSL terms of use will be removed. Review all of KSL.com’s terms of use by selecting the following here. Some of the most common reasons why listings are removed for breaking terms of use are:
    • Listing products and or services that are prohibited.
    • Duplicate listings or posting the same listing within 14 days of the original listing. 
    • Listing products or services in the wrong vertical (Cars, Services, Jobs, etc.). 
    • Listing descriptions or prices are incorrect (Items listed as free outside of the free category or prices that do not reflect the items being sold)
    • Exceeding the number of listings available to a user or business.

In the case that your listing has not met the terms of use, an email will be sent to the address that is associated with the account providing the modifications that will need to be made to the listing. If your account has been compromised please email support@ksl.com


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