What Is KSL.com's Reposting Policy?

This article provides you with KSL.com's 14-day reposting policy 

User Experience: 

To ensure that our users are always provided with the highest quality and experience while using KSL classifieds, KSL has enacted the following 14-day reposting policy:

“ Except as authorized by the Operator in writing you must wait at least fourteen (14) days before reposting a listing for the same or substantially similar goods. Violators may, among other remedies available to Operator, have their accounts suspended or permanently banned”

This policy helps to ensure that users are able to see all items related to their needs without searching through the same listing repeatedly. This also ensures that users that are posting items for sale or rent, receive the most listing views possible.   

Our Efforts: 

KSL classifieds continually monitor all listings that are posted, as well as provide our users with the ability to flag any listings that break any terms of use. You can review all of KSL’s terms of use by selecting the following here. Listings that fail to meet our 14-day requirement will be removed and the users of that listing will be notified.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or feel that your listing has been removed in error, please contact us at support@ksl.com

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