No It Was Not Me That Logged Into My Account

How to Unlock Your KSL Marketplace Account

Thank you for verifying it was not you who logged into your KSL Marketplace account. To protect the security of your account please click the following link to go to your account where you can reset your password. 

If you run into any issues resetting your password or have any questions, our CommuniTeam is always here to help. Contact us by calling 801-515-2309 or chatting with us online. 

Protecting our online commerce community from fraud is one of our top priorities and we appreciate your support. Some additional ways to maintain your security are listed below. 

Safe Practices for Buyers and Sellers 

  1. Use Messages to communicate about KSL Marketplace listings whenever possible. Never provide personal information that is not available to the public.
  2. Be wary of dealing with those who are outside of local communities, especially outside of the country
  3. Be cautious of anyone who refuses to communicate on the telephone.
  4. Always verify the item's condition and payment before concluding the deal.
  5. When using common payment platforms like Apple Pay, Venmo, etc., have the item in hand before sending money. 
  6. Be cautious of uncommon payment apps.
  7. Meet in public to complete transactions. 
  8. Always print a copy or screenshot the listing for your records.

Suspicious Activity When Selling  

  1. You are asked to verify your account via a Google code. 
  2. The buyer explains that he/she is currently out of the country.
  3. The buyer offers to pay with a money order or cashier's check for significantly more than the asking price.
  4. The buyer explains that a third party or service (other than PonyEx) will pick up the item.
  5. The buyer requests authentication or requires a history report on the item/vehicle through an unknown source, often with an accompanying website link.

Suspicious Activity When Buying

  1. Listing images do not seem original or are commonly used on other sites.
  2. The buyer asks for payment before you have seen the item or property.
  3. Images have background details that are abnormal to the local area (e.g. palm trees).
  4. The seller tells you a third party or service (other than PonyEx) will deliver the item.

If you have any additional questions, please email our CommuniTeam at or chat with us by clicking here. Thank you for keeping KSL Marketplace a safe and respectable environment for everyone!


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