What to Do if Your Account Has Been Suspended 

Identify why your account was suspended and if it may be reactivated.

When you list or view an item on KSL Classifieds, you agree to our Terms of Use. Violating those terms can lead to the suspension of your account. This action helps protect all users and prevent fraud on KSL Marketplace. 

Depending on the reason for the suspension, you may be able to reactivate your account.

Issues eligible for reactivation:

  • Your account was fraudulently taken over by another user
  • Your account was flagged by our automated system (often the result of a VPN)

Issues not eligible for reactivation:

  • Creating multiple accounts to bypass listing limits 
  • Continued failure to meet KSL Classifieds Terms of Use after previous warnings
  • Highly offensive/objectionable content 

KSL Terms of Use 

As written in the terms, “The operator may suspend, ban or remove/disable Listings that, in Operator’s sole discretion, violate the Posting Rules identified within these Classifieds Terms or which Operator considers objectionable or in poor taste. Operators may act to prevent anyone who violates these Classified Terms from posting or viewing Listings on the Sites and may block access to the Sites.”

You can read the full KSL Classifieds Terms of Use here


If you believe your account was incorrectly suspended, please email us at support@ksl.com. The CommuniTeam can explain why the action was taken and help you reactivate your account, if eligible.

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