When to Flag or Report a Listing

Follow these instructions to flag content when using the app or website.

We work hard to protect our users from various types of fraud and other content issues inside of our marketplace. As an additional tool (because sometimes we need a little help), users have the ability to flag a listing that they believe is either fraudulent or does not follow our terms of use. This feature helps us maintain safety and trust within our sites.

How to Flag a Listing

If you see a listing that you feel either breaks our terms of use or is fraudulent, simply click or tap the Flag This Listing or Report Listing button.

Required Information

Providing as much information as possible allows our moderators to quickly take the most appropriate action. As you fill out the Report Abuse Form, please:

  1. Select the box that best describes the reason you are reporting the listing. Moderators use this to quickly identify the issue.
  2. In the comments box, explain in detail how the listing does not follow the terms of use. Without an explanation, moderators are limited in how to respond to the listing or account holder.
  3. If you are flagging a listing because of an interaction with the seller, please provide details pertaining to the interaction.


Please note:

  • Only flag a listing once. Additional flags are not registered and do not affect response time.
  • Flagging a listing does not send a message to the user.
  • If a user is breaking our terms of use on multiple listings, flag only one. Our listing moderation team reviews all of the listings on any user account with a flagged listing.

Thank you for your support in keeping our marketplace safe and free from fraud. If you have any questions, please reach out to the CommuniTeam at Support@ksl.com.


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