Comment Board Automated Messages comment boards are a forum for thoughtful commentary and civil dialogue intended to enlighten your fellow readers with additional insight or counterpoints. provides automated messages to explain the likelihood of your comment being approved or rejected. This allows you to modify a comment, if needed, prior to submission.


When you write a comment, one of the following messages may appear: 

  • Heads up! Your comment is x% likely to be rejected. Please review Comment Board Guidelines before submitting.
  • x% risk of rejection. Thank you for your contribution to the KSL community!

Please be aware, these scores are intended as guidance only. They do not guarantee approval or rejection. Any comments referring to these automated messages will be removed.

What’s next? 

If your comment has a low rejection percentage, feel free to submit it. For comments with a high rejection percentage, please modify your submission to meet the following criteria:

  • Comment is on topic, clear and to the point
  • Comment is civil and respectful toward others and their opinions
  • Comment has a positive and constructive tone

Thank you for using and abiding by our rules. Our goal is to drive engagement, enable healthy conversations and keep discussions respectul.

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